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Filming Requests

Filming Requests

Thank you for contacting CalMac Ferries regarding obtaining permission to film on board the ferries or at the ports we serve. 

Please complete the form below, on completion we will then obtain authorisation from the relevent departments. All filming requests must be submitted using the form below. 

It is important that you plan ahead and allow plenty of time between submitting your application and the date of your planned event or activity. 7 days notice should be given from submitting your application to date of travel. In certain circumstances we will allow last minute request but this will be at the Port Manager and/or Master's discretion. 

Please note that you must arrange your own bookings for travel and we cannot cover the cost of any travel. 

Personal Data

Your Information and personal data supplied will only be held as long as is required to fulfil this activity and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We will not use the data captured here for Marketing purposes.



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