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How do you decide whether to deploy a replacement vessel?


Our biggest challenge when deciding whether to deploy a replacement vessel is the lack of available 'spare' ships. Our options should improve as new ships join the fleet but at present they are often extremely limited.    

The best option for short periods of disruption (a matter of hours) is to cancel sailings while a repair is carried out, but for longer periods it is necessary to "shuffle" the fleet to provide the vessel.  However, we also have to find a way to do this while also minimising disruption on the existing service.  There is little value in simply moving the disruption to another island.

In this case our starting point is often to look to routes served by two ships to provide temporary back up, but this is not without its difficulties as reduction in service on such routes can cause its own problems. Our experience is that islanders are generally sympathetic to the needs of other islanders, and are content for "their" vessel to help out for short periods.

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