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Island Hopping

Island Hopping with CalMac

Travelling from one island to another is a great way to explore the west coast of Scotland - building an itinerary that suits you best. 

'Hopscotch tickets' no longer exist, however if you need help or inspiration when planning your next trip with us, the below itineraries may help to inspire you.

When you're ready to make your reservation, you can do so in one transaction or more than one transaction. We've explained the difference between the two options below.  

*Please note: Hopscotch tickets no longer exist, however, their prices were calculated by simply adding the cost of a single journey on each leg of the itinerary.  Customers who choose to book an island hopping trip via one transaction, or more than one transaction will pay the same price.

Booking an island-hopping trip in one transaction Booking an island-hopping trip in more than one transaction*  

If you are planning an island-hopping trip and you would like to book multiple routes on one transaction - please speak with one of our team at our Customer Contact Centre or with our Port Staff who will be happy to help you. All dates and times must booked on the call and cannot be left open.

We're currently not able to offer online reservations for multiple journey tickets in one transaction, but these can be booked over the telephone or with our Ports where one of our team will be happy to assist you to arrange your trip.  

If you are happy to make your island-hopping reservations by purchasing multiple journey tickets on separate transactions, then this can be done online.

Motorhomes/caravans may be allowed on the islands we serve but you may be required to contact the community contact beforehand. Please check the relevant timetable for specific information relating to the route you are travelling on. See our summer timetables for details. 


Take a look at some of our travel itineraries below

List for Island Hopping

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